Welcome to our site, the home of the well renowned, award winning:

Colfax High School Chamber Choir

This site is dedicated to letting all of our fans, family members, and anyone interested in supporting the arts know who we are, what we do and how you can get connected with this amazing program. 

We are a group of 35 students spanning all classes pulled together because of our vocal abilities and shared love of music.  We are a team in that we come together five days a week before school to rehearse in order to fine tune our skills, and develop our ability to cooperate and blend together as a single unit. We perform at concerts throughout the year and ultimately compete in a nationally ranked music competition.

The accomplishments of this choir are numerous and tremendous.  Being a part of this program whether as a performer, parent, attendee or director brings rewards artistically, academically and socially as the members of our community are given the opportunity to meet through music.

Unfortunately, programs at our school in the arts, athletics and even academics have been diminishing at an astonishingly rapid rate due to the current state of funding.  It’s our hope to encourage anyone interested in continuing our arts and music programs to read more about us and support our vision in keeping this marvelous program growing.

Chamber Choir Tour - Hawaii 2013